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Piano tuning for homes and concert venues alike

Aeolian Pianos offer a fully professional piano tuning service for private homes as well as concert venues, hotels, restaurants, churches, schools, music colleges and universities amongst others.  Wherever you are, we can arrange an appointment to suit you.

Flexible and reliable, book your appointment today by calling 01896 750 228

We are extremely flexible with our appointment times and are known for our reliability and promptness. If your piano is in need of tuning please contact us by email or call 01896 750228 to book an appointment.

Reliable service

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From the cottage to the concert hall, we can ensure that your piano is sounding splendid!

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How often should my piano be tuned and how long will it take?

The answer to both these questions will depend on various factors including the age of the piano, how often it is played and the environment ie the temperature and humidity of the space where the piano is. On average, we recommend having your piano tuned once a year and we would suggest that you allow around one hour for the tuning to be completed.